A Residential Home to fit Your Growing Needs

Steel Country Home

As the housing market continues to struggle, more and more consumers are turning to prefabricated steel to save money and invest in a home that will provide for the future.

Traditional residential homes or town house developments can range far above $125,000 in today’s market — prices that are simply to expensive for young home buyers. But prefabricated steel homes from AAA Construction provide a cheaper, long-term investment that will grow with the market and easily conform to the style of the buyer .

double storey steel home Residential Steel Home

Optimized to meet your needs

Unlike traditional homes with static layouts, AAA Construction’s steel residential houses can be fully designed and customized to become the home you’ve always dreamed of. Bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting rooms, the kitchen, and any other type of room can be laid out exactly to meet the needs of a growing, or already established family.

Homes can be single or multiple floors, have an added garage, shop, or barn, and be painted in any shade or hue. Plus, steel building erection is much faster than a traditionally built home. It’s also safer, because steel is non-flammable! .

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