Sprint Lease Agreement Damaged Phone

Please add me to this class. Sprint has taken me several times with this scam and now that they have been taken from T-Mobile Thing, they are only getting worse. This is the class action I look forward to. I`ve been experiencing this something for years, paying a lot more than one of our phones is worth it. Add me. I`ve been in the sprint for 16 years. I rented a lot of phones and was screwed. Now we deal with T mobil. not happy Me too! 5 phones. My wife`s payment is $13 and we pay $12/month!! They say the other leases have expired but have to pay several hundred dollars to buy the phone!! I have 3 phones, a tablet and 2 Samsung discs that I had made myself.

I want to be included in this costume. Sprint it summarily. When I rented my last phone, they told me that now you can choose things worth $200! Just go to the wall and choose what you want. I said I just got a discounted offer on my phone and now I`m getting $200 worth of things? Why would Sprint do this? They said, “You just did it! All you have to do is pay sales tax. I said that if it`s free, why do I have to pay sales tax? They said, “That`s how it works.” So I chose my things. I didn`t receive any paperwork because they sent everything to my email address. I didn`t check the documents until several days later. IT WAS A CONTRACT FOR A 12-MONTH PAYMENT PLAN FOR THE $200 THINGS I HAD CHOSEN!!!! Fat, fat, fat. I have been at Sprint for over 2 decades.

Every month I have 2 calls and I pay my bill Very mentally exhausting! I pay $216 and a few weird cents for 2 phones. Both leases have expired and now I have to pay 2 large sums to buy the phones. Great fraud and deception. I had had enough. Add me too. I was advised that I owed an additional $250 after terminating my contract with them. Overpaid for my lease to own my own phone of $300 or more! I`ve been at Sprint for 10 years now. And every 18 months, when the lease of one of the 4 phones in our plan had expired, we were always told that to own the phone or upgrade, we had to pay between 199:00 and 250:00. This last time, when the contract on 2 of our galaxy s10+ expired, we decided to keep the phones and not update them.

We were told that we would have to pay an additional 27.50 months for 7 months on each phone to own them directly. Sprint has been practicing this practice for 10 years and continues to do so. Let`s say you own the phone after the 18-month contract, but then they say you still have to pay more to own the phone. I want part of the chase to be upgraded to a new device. You can use our Call Option Payment Plan (POIP), which is a nine-month interest-free payment plan. You will be notified when you are allowed to use this option. Register for POIP on My T-Mobile: 1. Log in to My T-Mobile. 2. Click Billing.

3. Under `JUMP! Rental on demand” on the details of the lease. 4. Click Get Payment Plan. 5. Check the payment information. For taxes, one payment is due today and then there are nine monthly payments. 6. Enter the payment details, then click Accept and continue. 7. Complete the electronic signature process. 8.

Once the transaction is complete, a confirmation message is displayed. Register for the POIP in the T-Mobile app: 1. Launch the T-Mobile app. 2. Under Billing & Payments, tap Lease End Soon. Act. 3. Tap Get a payout plan. 4. Check the payment information. For taxes, one payment is due today and then there are nine monthly payments. 5.

Enter the payment details and then tap Accept and continue. 6. Complete the electronic signature process. This may require the agreement to be sent by email and authorized on a computer. 7. Once the transaction is complete, a confirmation message is displayed. I am going through the same problem now. I paid for the phone, I got my initial contract, but Spirit tells me I have to pay several hundred dollars before the phone really belongs to me. The same thing happened to us with the Note 10. Two phones on which we paid 18 million and still haven`t paid. Aside from the CRAZY damage, I think you could get away with it. They allow you to return phones in boxes designed to hold up to 4 unprotected devices.

If you vomit a stench big enough for it to be okay if you put it in the box, they would probably write it as a bad shipment. I have 4 phones on my account and I couldn`t understand why I was paying so much per month. Then Sprint would say I`m done with the phone, which were extra charges. All of them were such expensive fees. I`ve been with Sprint for 20 years paying by the nose for my phone lease and my son`s phone lease – Please count me among them – pay the best dollar for the service and get – drop Calls Sprint has been doing this to me for so long. Pay phones and always end up owning more money Please add me to this lawsuit too!! My family had been with Sprint for 3 years and was paying over $500 a month for their service!! Then at the end of our contract. We couldn`t even upgrade our phones. But the worst thing is that we paid for phones and tables that we no longer had, which were returned to them a year earlier!! The sprint was terrible. Please add me. We have been Sprint customers for almost 20 years and this has happened to us several times.

We are currently transferring all our routes to another carrier as they are leaving the contract with Sprint. They want us to send our phones back, or they will continue to charge us for our phones, even though they know we`ve had them since 2017 and we`ve paid for them several times as much as we pay our phone bill and we`re supposed to rent I`d like to join this class action lawsuit. I, too, have been with Sprint for years and received an email last week stating that my lease is terminated and that if I don`t buy a new plan, I will still be bound by the current lease. I`ve been making free phones with this for years, I paid twice on all my phones my last phone purchase a few months ago, they said my payment would be $8 when the bill came in my monthly payment is $36, they are a big scam please add me to the lawsuit Please add me. I changed the service from Sprint to Spectrum because it was ridiculously cheaper, but I couldn`t access my phone because it was locked by Sprint and I had to pay $87 just to own it after renting/paying for it for over two years. You are not in business to serve the customer! please add me. I have 4 lines. About 2/3 of my bill goes to rent my phone honestly. If the phone turns on and has no cracks, you can probably return it at no damage fee. The chances of the employee noticing that they are not receiving any services, let alone care, are minimal. We certainly don`t look for that in our shop.

I`ve been with the client since 2006 and I`ve had the worst experiences with Sprint and it`s much worse now that they`ve merged. I was loyal and missed so many opportunities because of the merger. I`m stuck year after year. A contract and was not used as the first custom honored Add me, has been dealing with Sprint for years. Pay crazy amounts for my phones, have to pay more to keep the phone, terminate the contract or return the phone for another. However, my other devices like iPads or something else don`t include the same system. Please add me, I paid my lease and paid the last bill to come, I told Sprint that I will leave at the end of the contract. (December 2020). January 2021 I have spoken to various representatives to close my account, not a single representative has closed my account. I changed the service to another carrier. Called one last time when I was told that nothing was documented, we are now in May 2021, I am still charged and the contract and service are over.

Consumers usually want to know if they are saving money by opting for a sprint lease. This plan saves consumers money in two ways. First, they pay less for the device than if they had paid for it directly. For example, consumers pay $20 a month to rent an iPhone 7. That comes down to $480 over the two-year period. They pay $7 more per month when they opt for Easy Pay, which comes down to $648. If they decide to buy the phone at the full retail price, they will pay $649. Please add me. I received a pickup notification for over $3500, got the same thing and thought I should be able to get the phone after 18 months, but no, they wanted more, but the value of the phone had been written off In reality, consumers end up paying much more than the value of the device due to Sprint`s ongoing monthly fees after the rental terms expire, the action is brought.

That is exactly what happened to us. Paid so much more because they never told me when the phone got paid and then I had to pay 200.00 to get out of the contract please add me. I understood this years ago, but I wasn`t sure I`d add that I`ve been with Sprint for about 15 years and I`m trying to get this crazy contract for 5 lines. The amount I pay monthly is ridiculous, I`ve been sprinting for a few years. I have a Samsung s10 plus. I paid 41.37 for 18 months, now I just paid my last month and now I have to buy the phone for 200.47, what the hell. please add me, thank you please add me. I qualify and I had this problem with the sprint on several lines.

A client sprinting for decades and ready to switch to an expensive lease because of this last trick… this has not been properly explained! With the family plan, the goal was to pay for the phone and experience a low bill. Once the phones have fallen and paid, new fees would apply. We had a powwow outside the store and tried to figure out what to do! It was about buying new phones to reduce our bill. There has never been a way forward. We have been at Sprint for about 4-5 years. In Nc. Rental of 3 Sprint phones. Always pays for all leases of the last 2 years.. .

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