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I`m trying to install an app in Windows 7 with cmd. during installation, it appears for the user license and agreement and I have to accept that for subsequent installation. I used /S with the .exe file, but the license window is still open. I`m trying to install “wget” for Windows: To get your package, the easiest way to accept the license and download it to a computer with a browser would be to use scp or sftp or any other method to transfer files from one computer to another. What should be the syntax of the cmd installation so that it does not require the acceptance of the license or how the order can pass it so that it can be installed without pop-up? Oracle license rights and limitations grant you a limited license that is not exclusive, non-transferable and limited for the use of the programs, subject to the limitations mentioned in this contract and program documentation only for: wget In order to collaborate with Veeam Agent for Linux, you must accept the terms of the product license agreement and licensing agreements for third-party components that are part of the product. Until you accept licensing agreements, you can use the veeamconfig utility to execute only the following commands: This link is used by a browser without LALA to this link, but it did not work for wget. That`s strange. Can you just download it on a desktop and then sftp it into your Linux box? You can first try, wget.exe /? or wget.exe /help in a cmd to get help windows that typically display all the accepted settings of the configuration. You can also visit the application provider`s website. Normally, you`ll find installation instructions in the support section that contain accepted settings.

“Separately licensed third-party technology” refers to third-party technologies that are licensed under separate conditions and not under the terms of this contract. wget is not interactive. If you want to download interactively via the shell, you need to use different software. In fact, you only get the given content of the pushy chrome extension in a file mentioned on your Linux. Then copy the Oracle page`s dl address and add it to your wget command. For example, at dl Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( Open a terminal and insert it to extract the required Oracle session cookies from the Firefox SQLite cookie database in a cookie format that can use text file Wget (source for script): As a Linux system administrator, you need to opt out and install something that requires Java. Open-source guys tend to focus on OpenJDK, the GPL-licensed version of Java. Nevertheless, Java developers tend to write a lot of crappy code that requires a specific version of the running engine. So you need Oracle Java. Therefore, I can only conclude that they follow IP addresses accepted by the CLA and only display the LAE page for addresses that have not done so. To download it from wget – either accept the CLA on another computer from the same public IP address, or call LSI and have their web designers fired! I have a link to a file that I want to download on the shell.

Unfortunately, the URL is redirected to a software license page that requires clicking an accept button. It doesn`t matter if I`m in a default browser, but if I`m in the shell, wget will only download the HTML page and not the actual file. What options are available to download the file into the shell if the conditions are to be accepted first? Now, the people of Oracle are very interested that you accept their license before you can get your hands on your precious and fleeing JRE. At the same time, all you have in front of you is a bash-fast and itches you to go for one: But wait! There`s a solution! All Oracle wants to see is a set of oracle cookie with an accept-securebackup-cookie cookie.

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