Agreement Or Affidavit

The first section contains your name in a sentence that generally says, “Before me, [your name], whose residence is [the address, including the city, county and state], and herek swears the following facts, as punishment for perjury.” Depending on who wrote the insurance under oath, this sentence may vary in wording, but it is always said that you, the Affiant, swear that the following presentation of events is true and correct in good conscience. If a person knowingly makes a false statement under oath by testimony that is false, then it can be seen that they have committed contempt of court. A person may offer a sworn statement as long as he or she has the mental capacity to understand the seriousness of the oath. The content of a sworn statement reflects the personal knowledge of the individual who is testifying. This means that a person who makes a sworn statement cannot be punished for not containing information that he or she did not know existed. A sworn statement is a document required in any court dispute. They are encouraged to use them if court rules require them. A sworn statement is not written in typical paragraphs. Each paragraph is numbered and usually contains a fact.

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