As Collective Agreement Sick Leave

Subject to the employer`s requirements and with at least five (5) days` notice of work, the worker receives, for personal reasons, a maximum of fifteen (15) paid rest days for each exercise. 46.06 When a worker is deprived during sick leave, leave or compensatory leave in circumstances in which he or she would have been entitled to take leave with remuneration under clauses 46.02 and 46.05, paid leave is granted and paid leave is reinstated to the same level as a simultaneous bereavement leave with salary. 14.01 If operating requirements permit it when complaints against the FPSLREB, in accordance with Section 190, paragraph 1, of the FPSLRA, sections 157: 186 (1) (a), 186 (1) (b), 186 (2), 187, 188 (a) or 189 (1) FPSLRA, the employer grants leave with pay: 42.02 Subject to point 42.01, the employer grants leave with a salary 48.01 , including, where appropriate, the regulatory mechanism, or requesting a position in the public service within the meaning of the Federal Public Sector Industrial Relations Act, including, where appropriate, the appeal procedure, the worker is allowed to leave with pay for the period during which the worker`s presence is required for the purpose of the trial. , and for an additional period that the employer deems appropriate to allow the worker to go to the place where his presence is required, the place and place where his presence is required. This is the case with a process related to the exchange and provision program. 18.03 The deadlines set out in this article may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker and, if necessary, the representative of the Alliance. 51.01 At the employer`s discretion, an employee may be granted a wage agreement to draft a review that takes place during the worker`s scheduled working time. Paid exam leave does not involve student leave. 39.07 Sick leave credits that a worker earned at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency during a previous period of employment, but which he did not use, are reinstated to a worker whose employment has been terminated as a result of dismissal and who will be reinstated to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency within two (2) years of the date of his dismissal. 3. In order to assert the right to sick leave, many collective agreements require a worker to satisfy the employer “…

this condition, in a manner and on a date set by the employer.” This gives the employer the absolute right to require certification of full sick leave (in good faith) unless there is an additional language that amends that right under certain conditions.

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