Bite Mark And Agreement

Keywords: bite marks; analysis of the bite mark; Comparison of bite marks Dentition; from a medical-scientific point of view; Brand; Odontology; Teeth. In the course of a criminal investigation, it may be necessary to compare the characteristics within a bite wound with the teeth of a suspect. A review of the literature on the analysis of bite marks was conducted to determine the value of this evidence. Bite marks in the skin are complex wounds, consisting of scratches, scratches and bruises caused by grinding teeth and associated structures. Front-line investigators must recognize and interpret these characteristics, but no standard method of gathering or comparing information has been agreed. Many classifications of bite marks have been proposed, but do not appear to support the labelling analysis. Research on bite and suction forces has not been successful. There is insufficient information on the accuracy and reproducibility of tissue pathology dentition presentation. Histological analyses and collagen dyeing techniques have attempted to define in detail the area of the injury, but have limited application. The quality of the brand is determined by many intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Distortion and shrinkage of tissues cause dimensional disturbances that must be eliminated before a comparison can be made. There is no method to quantify and correct these distortions. The examiner should be aware that self-inserted marks are common in children and that other events may recreate bite marks.

The most common bite mark comparison methods use an intermediate scraper made from suspicious teeth and, when superimposed on a scale photo of the injury, the match demonstrates. There is no agreement on the individuality of human teeth, the minimum correspondence necessary to positively identify the aggressor and the precision to which tissue pathology can represent these details. It is concluded that comparison with bite marks can exclude only one suspect and should not be used for positive identification. لن يتم نشر عنوان بريدك الإلكتروني.

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