Our FAQ page answers some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question not on the list? Call a sales associate at (208) 681-0051 . or click here to send us your question via e-mail.

What comes standard on my AAA Construction building?

The basic building includes everything that you need to put it up. Steel sheeting for the roof and sidewalls, primary and secondary framing, bolts, I-beams, rafters.

Where can I find more technical information on steel buildings?

We can get you our brochure and a standard features document to answer most of your questions. If you have more technical questions that need to be answered, give us a call and we’d be glad to assist.

Can I see dimensions of my building on my land to scale?

Yes you can, that is what the site and code review portion of the package accomplishes.

Is there a better time of year to erect my building?

Our buildings can go up anytime of the year.

Why should I build with steel instead of wood?

You should build with steel because it is a better material long term. It is a permanent structure that does not require the maintenance that a wood building does. Especially with the winters that have been happening we have been replacing a large number of pole barns and wood buildings that have come down, or burned. The steel building is very low maintenance and will last a lifetime.

What kind of doors and windows are there?

There are so many options for doors and windows, its best to talk to your project coordinator about what you’d like.

Will my building conform to local building codes?

We make sure to load the building properly but it is recommended that the customer call your local building department and find out what the ground snow load and wind loads are for your area.

Does my AAA Construction building come with a warranty?

Yes your General Steel brand building comes standard with the best warranties in the industry including our 50 year structural warranty, 40 year paint warranty, 25 year Galvalume roof warranty and 20 year standing seam roof warranty if you decide to construct a Galvalume roof or standing seam roof on your building.