Trinidad And Tobago Bilateral Trade Agreements

· Council Common Framework to facilitate the extension of the agreement and resolve trade issues Duty-free access for electrical products manufactured in Trinidad and Tobago`s free trade zones has concluded several bilateral investment agreements with the United States, Canada, China, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Republic of Korea, Spain, Mexico and India, TT`s trade agreements with Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica. As a member of CARIFORUM, TT signs a trade agreement with the European Union. TT signed an economic partnership agreement with the UK in April 2019. In addition, the agreements provide a structure for the creation of a common institution to address any challenges that may arise between the parties in the implementation of these agreements. The development of a technical cooperation work programme to improve trade facilitation between the two countries can be provided to U.S. companies with additional information on how to use these agreements: future negotiations on a bilateral investment agreement describe the bilateral and multilateral trade agreements to which that country is a party, including with the United States. Includes websites and other resources that allow U.S. companies to get more information about how they can use these agreements. · Free trade of all products between the Member States of the Caricom of Trinidad and Tobago has trade agreements with trading partners both within the framework of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) and as a single (bilateral) member. These agreements facilitate market access for local exporters to third countries and also provide for the opening of the Trinidad and Tobago market, with the exception of the United States, Canada and Venezuela, which are unique agreements for Caricom. Many companies in Trinidad and Tobago have benefited from the opportunities offered by negotiated trade agreements, particularly those working in the food and beverage sector. The country is also a signatory to the EU-Caribbean Partnership Agreement (EPA), a comprehensive free trade agreement that places a strong emphasis on development cooperation. These agreements recognise the importance of trade in services and goods and therefore contain, in some cases, provisions for future negotiations in this area.

Economic and technical cooperation is a key element of the trade agreement with Colombia, as it promotes cooperation in a number of areas such as human resource development, science and technology and tourism through exchanges between local universities. Opportunities for future liberalisation of trade in services Future Trade in services in sectors such as ICT, financial services, education and transport services within two years The European Affairs Division`s mission is to intensify and develop relations between Trinidad and Tobago and the countries of the European Union and other European countries.

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