Winnipeg School Division Collective Agreement

In the absence of exturable circumstances, the leave request is made available on the basis of the will of trial. No more than two teachers per school may be on leave on the same day. The contact time of students, whether it is a teaching, orientation or supervision function assigned during a school year, should not be greater than the contact time allocated during the previous school year, on the basis of the sharing average for each level: but the financial situation is not rosy for all school areas. Many, under the Progressive Conservative government, have complained about the reduction of provincial subsidies or increases below the rate of inflation. They were ordered to limit the property tax increase to 2% per year. If, despite the above, the department expects the teacher to be employed for the third consecutive year for a period of less than three (3) months, the department may employ that teacher with a temporary teacher – general contract. “Full School Year” is the minimum number of days required for a year of experience for teachers recognized by Manitoba`s education. Winnipeg`s division will pay $7.8 million retroactively to its teachers, according to its superintendent – money for which they have never been budgeted. “School services have budgeted accordingly,” Ross said. For the purposes of the salary plan, unless otherwise affected by this agreement, teachers are ranked according to the classification and years of work experience that are allocated to the Manitoba Education teacher (based on Manitoba Regulation 515/88) and included in the compensation plan.

In each school in the department, a teacher is appointed by the superintendent, in agreement with the principal, to be responsible for the school in the absence of the principal and assistant principal. Each designated teacher receives an annual allowance as follows: an assistant principal is appointed, according to the qualifications and experience acquired in accordance with Article 3, plus an allowance of 50% (50%) I paid for it. management allowance for this school. The intent and purpose of the parties to this agreement (hereafter referred to as this agreement) is to promote and enhance the working relationship between the La Transcona River East School Division and the River East Transcona Teachers` Association of the Manitoba Teachers` Society, Establish an acceptable compensation plan and other terms of engagement arising from the implementation of the agreement and create a basis for both parties to improve professional and academic services for schoolchildren and citizens of the East Transcona River Transcona School Division. This rate is retroactive to the first day of the expanded teaching mission and applies until the end of this expanded teaching mission. This period cannot be interrupted because a school is declared closed by the department during operating or administrative days or a substitute is not required to teach because of a school or divisional activity, and these days do not constitute a interruption of consecutive days. The division will pay $5.2 million by July.

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