Your Agreement With Blm

“These white allies were not allies we had to start with,” Brown said. “They were only there as an extra body. They helped fill the room. Yet Brown said the protesters` energy remained strong, with or without the overwhelming support they seemed to have a few months ago. We invite the government:🛑Fin of Racial Discrimination in Criminal Justice🛑Infural System🛑The End of Racial Health Differences🛑Reformation of Assessment Recommendations🛑Before the Black Community, you will walk in the United States until they listen. clients like companies that mix purpose and profit and invest in initiatives that have positive social, community and environmental outcomes. These types of businesses are also called B companies. These cultural screens — whether they kneel or post on social media — are not what the country needs. The Americans, including myself, must take workable steps. For the past year, my older sister Anika has been living every Sunday with a black girl from downtown Milwaukee through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. This support goes beyond words and, hopefully, will have long-term benefits for the girl.

There is concrete work to be done. In fact, for me, it`s BLM`s support. Black Lives Matter relies on a classic clod and bailey technique – an undisputed position is mixed with a highly controversial position that protects the former from criticism. I agree that black life is indeed important. But I do not agree with the calls to compensate or remove the police, and I do not accept the 1619 Project`s assessment of U.S. history as fundamentally racist and irreparable. But when someone expresses concern about these radical ideas, we are faced with a very comfortable answer: “But don`t you think black life is important?” I agree with the assertion, but the movement is a Trojan horse for adjacent marginal ideas. A Monmouth University poll found that 76 percent of Americans consider racism and discrimination a “major problem,” up 26 points from 2015.

The poll showed that 57% of voters felt that the anger behind the protests was entirely justified, while 21% felt it was somewhat justified. Polls show that a majority of Americans believe that the police will instead use lethal force against African Americans and that there is a lot of discrimination against black Americans in society. In 2013, when Black Lives Matter began, a majority of voters disagreed with all of these statements. “Fifty years from now, we can be in the same place,” Brown said. “It`s not good enough. We do not accept that. We want the same respect you would have wanted if you had intended to have your ancestors. At the time, L`Oreal said his comments were “at odds” with the company`s values. But on June 9, L`Oreal and Bergdorf posted a “joint letter” on Instagram announcing that the model had been hired as a diversity consultant and that the company had agreed to donate to charities working with transgender youth and ethnic minorities.

The Black Lives Matter movement is synonymous with responsibility. It is an attempt to take responsibility for how we non-black people have immortalized antiwarzity in our communities to recognize that it is not enough to be “non-racist”. We have to be anti-racist.

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